Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – Gifts For Athletes

gifts for athletes

We have lots of gifts for athletes of all ages and all levels in our store. Some items, like the MyoMed Ice and the Biofreeze Travel Packets make perfect inexpensive stocking stuffers. We also have quite a few gifts that just about any athlete would be happy to receive.


The Nano 3D

]Recent studies have found that using a mouthguard during sports can not only protect the teeth, but also reduces the risk of concussion, suggesting that it’s not only athletes in hard-hitting sports like football and hockey that should wear mouthguards, but also soccer players, basketball players, and especially (according to the CDC) bicyclists. For participants in any sport to be willing to wear a mouthguard every time, especially when it isn’t mandated, it needs to be easy to breathe, and easy to talk. That’s why the Shock Doctor Nano 3D is on the top of our gift list this year. In our experience (and we have a LOT of experience in this), you absolutely get what you pay for with mouthguards. The Gel Max is very good at protecting teeth and reducing the risk of concussion, but it is almost gaggingly thick and just about the only thing you can say with it in is “guuuu.” The Nano 3D is a mouthguard that provides superior protection – partially because it’s easy to wear and forget about. It will enable athletes to clearly call their teammates’ names, to have conversations, and to breathe freely – to us, it’s totally worth it!

foam roller

Foam Roller

Foam Rollers are becoming one of the must-have items for strength-training, injury recovery, and stretching. More and more runners are incorporating a foam roller into their daily practice, and they are a great tool for anybody looking to increase flexibility and decrease their chances of becoming injured during athletic activity. The Pro-Tec Foam Roller is an open-cell, dual-density foam roller available in multiple sizes and colors. Choose the 6×18 for use on hamstrings, thighs, IT Bands, and calves, and choose the 6×36 for use on the back and torso.

Marathon Stick

Marathon Stick

Another product that performs a similar function to the foam roller is the muscle Stick. You’ve probably seen the Stick on TV or at health expos because it is a great way to get lactic acid build-up out of muscles after a work-out. The manufacturer calls this product a “toothbrush for muscles” and it really is that healthy for you. It provides various strengths of muscle massage depending on the pressure and the Stick in use. We provide a helpful chart on the page to help you choose which Stick is right for your needs. The product is available for a wide variety of body types and uses, but we’ve used them all, so you can’t go wrong. One of our favorites, though is the Hybrid Stick because it has the trigger wheel in the middle which feels awesome on tight calves and shins.

Gatorade Water Bottle and Towel

Gatorade Bottle/Towel

If you are looking for something easy that everybody will love, try the Gatorade Sports Water Bottle and Towel Combo Pack. These are the same towels and bottles that you see in the NHL, NBA, NCAA, etc. games, and there’s a reason all the pros love them. The towels are super soft and they are anti-microbial so they repel that sweaty funky smell. They are a great size – big enough to towel off your head, your skates, drape around your neck, or whatever, but small enough that you don’t feel like you brought a bath towel to the game. Did I mention that they are super soft? Also, the water bottle is a pretty basic vehicle for getting water from a container into your mouth, but they have a great design that enables them to not spill (usually) when tipped over, but to release a nice amount of water with a light squeeze. The last thing you want during a game is to have to work to get water, and Gatorade made the perfect bottle to make hydration quick and easy.

Stay Cool Sports Towel

Stay Cool Towel

The hot weather items are a tough sell in December, but think about practicing in the heat of summer with sweat dripping off you and not even a slight breeze to cool you – then you are going to wish you had gotten this for Christmas. The Cramer Stay Cool Sports Towel is not a typical cotton towel – it is made of a unique fabric that absorbs water 5 times faster than cotton and always feels cool to the touch. If you pour room-temperature water on a typical towel, it will feel heavy and cloying and not refreshing at all. The same water on the Stay Cool Sports Towel feels like a cool refreshing breeze – it’s really kindof magical. Try one for those warm days on the golf course – that’s where we learned to love it!

ProTec Ice Up

ProTec Ice Up

Sometimes, especially when money is tight, we need to have useful presents that solve a problem or just make life a little easier. We have a few of those for you right here. The Pro-Tec Ice Up is an ice stick in its own cooler. The cooler keeps the stick frozen for up to 10 hours, so if you have an athlete with shin splints or a recurring injury that needs to be iced sometimes far from home or a training room, this is a great product that will help speed their recovery. Also for athletes in pain far from home (think: hiking, a long trail run or during a marathon race), we love love (and I mean LOVE) the Biofreeze On The Go singles. These are super small, so you can easily carry one in a pocket or pouch, and they snap to release the Maximum Strength Biofreeze formula. Get yourself through those running pains with a quick snap and instant relief. Finally, every car in America should have a small first aid kit – just enough to stop the bleeding and prevent infection when far from home. You’d be amazed how hard it is to find a bandaid at a pick-up softball game…

Thanks for reading our suggestions for gifts for athletes. If you give (or get) any of them, let us know what you think in the comments!

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